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Step 1: Your Drama Resili­ence Assess­ment (DRA)

How resilient are you? What’s your potential?

Step 2: Your learnings from this 90 min webinar:

  • what’s positive conflict
  • how to identify negative conflict (Drama)
  • the roles you play in conflict (unaware)
  • how to face drama with Compas­sion Skills
  • how to create a culture of Compas­sio­nate Accountabilty™

You find more infor­ma­tion on Leading Out of Drama® on our Website – look at  key4c.comMethoden → LOD

Conflict is just pure energy! 
Use it – for positive outcome!

Certified LOD Provider Batch

Your host: Frank Schöfisch


Your invest

for your personal DRA-Profile1)

+ “Conflict and You” Skript1)

+ 90 minutes Live-Webinar2)

79,00 EUR incl. 19% VAT

1) All documents (“Conflict and You” Skript and DRA-Profile) in english 

2) The Webinar wil be held with Online-Meeting-Tool “blizz” (Product of Teamviewer, blizz.com). The customer is respon­sible to setup his devices.

What happens during and after regis­tra­tion? – Click here to open

  1. register with Name and address
  2. pay your fee with PayPal or prepay­ment (bank transfer)
  3. invoice and login-infor­ma­tion for the Drama Resili­ence Assess­ment (DRA) will be send to you within 24 hours after receipt of payment. Please consider this for your payment.
  4. register on the MyNE platt­form – the develo­pers of the DRA – Next Element Consul­ting (USA) – and take your DRA (duration: max. 30 min)
  5. As you finish your DRA we will verify the data and email the “Conflict and You” script and your DRA-Profile (PDF-files; you can find a reader on get.adobe.com/en/reader). You must finish your DRA lately 12hours pre to the webinar, to deliver the documents on time! 
  6. With the documents you’ll get the login-details for the Live-Webinar. The Webinar will be held on “blizz” by Teamviewer. Please make sure that you have installed, confi­gured and tested all necessary software/apps on your device.

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