Lead your self and others

Two keys for your success: create your Leader­ship and commu­ni­ca­tion in a new dimen­sion!

Walk the talk

Methods — proven in practice — Methods we life.

Face it, embrace it, own it!

It’s about your next step!

Advance impact!

We extend your efficacy — with individual solutions for indivual challenges

WHO is key!4c?

Dr. Uta B. Nachbaur

“An angli­cist and an engineer, a personnel devel­oper and an organ­i­sa­tional consul­tant,  that’s the bandwidth of key!4c. Together we stand for long-term experi­ence in corpo­rate manage­ment and inter­na­tional experi­ence in consulting and coaching!” “We support you with our exper­tise, engage­ment and enthu­siasm. What motivates us is YOUR success!. Your profit from working with us: push your poten­tial to high efficacy!”

Dipl.-Ing. Frank Schöfisch

WHEN and WHERE be in action with key!4c !

  • 2020/11/16

    Leading Out of Drama® – Facilitator Zertifizierung

    Werden Sie zerti­fizierter LOD® Facil­i­tator. Die Zerti­fizierung quali­fiziert Sie zur Durch­führung von Seminaren und Train­ings mit den LOD® Modulen ‘Conflict and You’, ‘Basic DRA’ und den ‘Leader’s Appli­ca­tion Packs’

    more …

Your profit: Face it, embrace it, own it!

We are caring about your next step — for your person­ality, in your situa­tion. Your facing challenges with energy, sense what is possible. Sustain­ability occurs when learning is more then under­standing!

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