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Mental Fitness (PQ)  

Peak perfor­mance and inner peace in crises and challenges!

Mental fitness means facing all the diffe­rent challenges of life with a positive mindset and not with agita­tion and stress!

With Mental Fitness you will gain clarity, creati­vity, courage and strength of imple­men­ta­tion at every point in your life and approach diffi­cult situa­tions with focus, firmness and ease.

Mental fitness can be trained!

Like physical fitness, we can also train our mental fitness.

bunte HantelnJust as our physical fitness deter­mines whether we can only conquer short hills or mountains, the strength of our mental fitness deter­mines which challenges we can master calmly, clearly and creatively, in which crises we allow ourselves to be pressured by fear, anger and insecu­rity, and which stress inten­sity throws us comple­tely off course. We also know how important mental fitness is from the world of top athletes, who always train both physical and mental strength.

Mental Fitness Coaching and Training:

Insight and Mental MuscleYou will get a coach and compa­nion and the tools to come to creati­vity, self-confi­dence and self-deter­mined action with your perso­na­lity, with your goals, in your context, indepen­dent of the stress inten­sity of negative emotions, head cinema and reactive behavior.

The result

  • Peak perfor­mance
  • inner peace and well-being
  • healthy relati­onships

“Principle of hope” or science?

The Buch Cover - Positive Intelligencescien­tific basis for Mental Fitness is research from Positive Psycho­logy, Neuro­sci­ence, Cogni­tive Psycho­logy and Perfor­mance Science. Psycho­lo­gist Shirzad Chamine, lecturer in Positive Psycho­logy at Stanford Univer­sity has developed a model and validated it through over 500,000 parti­ci­pants in 50 count­ries, over 100 CEOs and top athletes. Result is an app-based 6‑week training program using PQ Reps to train 3 muscles for mental fitness that is physio­lo­gi­cally proven to impact relevant brain areas.

Insights on this can also be found in Shirzad Chamine’s book:

Your way to Mental Fitness:


Gain mental strength in 6 weeks!

How to face challenges, crises, diffi­cult relati­onships with a positive outlook, creati­vity and focus and gain peak perfor­mance and satis­fac­tion – in business, sports or private life.

Saboteurs3 steps, a 3‑fold mental muscle workout:

  • “Saboteur Inter­ceptor”: inter­rupt negative emotions and self-sabotage
  • “Sage Perspec­tive”: possi­bi­lity vision, empathy, curio­sity, creati­vity and clear focused action
  • “Self-Command”: consciously shifting from negative thought patterns to positive thinking

The Mental Fitness Basecamp – to help you control negative head rushes, recognize the oppor­tu­ni­ties in challenges, and respond to challenges effec­tively, clearly, and with focus.

The program is based on results of brain research that can be physio­lo­gi­cally proven. 6 weeks of inten­sive training lead to neural pathways being changed, uncon­scious reactive stress responses being reduced and creative present action being streng­thened in a way that can be proven physio­lo­gi­cally in the brain.

Brain Saboteurs Sage

How does it work?

The program combines inten­sive training, input and background from brain research with indivi­dual coaching to achieve personal goals

  • 90 minutes of 1:1 coaching on your personal goals and expec­ta­tions, as an indivi­dual “travel compa­nion” during Basecamp and on how to achieve your personal goals
  • Your PQ (Positive Intel­li­gence) assess­ment and your Saboteur assess­ment as an indivi­dual reflec­tion tool
  • 6‑week program for the targeted develo­p­ment of your mental strength
  • Weekly 1‑hour video: Input from Shirzad Chamine, who developed and evaluated PQ
  • App-based practical training: 5 minutes daily short exercises by Shirzad Chamine
  • Input: excerpt from Shirzad Chamine’s book, Positive Intel­li­gence (pdf provided)
  • Reflec­tion and Q&A: weekly pod meeting with other parti­ci­pants to deepen, led by me.

So where do we go from here?  Check here on this page for the dates of my next 6 weeks Basecamp
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Saboteur Assess­ment

9 Ways of self-sabotage

PQ Score

Your Positive Intel­li­gence® Quotient

Uta Nachbaur

Dr. Uta B. Nachbaur
Execu­tive Coach – CPCC, CPQC, PCC

Mental Fitness Coach and Facili­tator
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