Stop fighting against the wave, surf on it!

by | 17. Oct 2021

Don’t get drained by many-voiced teams or by diffi­cult clients. Interact differ­ently and use the inter­ac­tions to create fresh solutions. 

What is needed:

Shift The Perspective:

Diffe­rences are natural. Diver­sity means fresh ideas, stops stagna­tion and is the basis of progress. The purpose of conflict is to create from what is there. Go into explore mode, stay curious and listen. Diffe­rences can create momentum and create surpri­sing speed for the new.

Go For Aspira­tions Behind Positions:

Positions are often polar and run a high risk of ending in a win-lose-game. The aspira­tions behind conflicts are the motivating parts. From there strugg­ling against can shift into strugg­ling for. Be inclu­sive with aspira­tions creates engage­ment. Be compas­sio­nate and accoun­table, connec­ting and setting a reliable frame.

Use The Language Of The Other Person:

To connect with the other person, the How people say something is as important as What they say! By using the percep­tual language of people you affect and connect better and deesca­late stress reaction. Go with the flow of what is in the space is like surfing the wave!

Curious about how to surf the wave in diffi­cult conversations?

Leading Out Of Drama® with the concept of compas­sio­nate accoun­ta­bi­lity,
Process Commu­ni­ca­tion Model® with the concept of agile commu­ni­ca­tion and
Positive Intel­li­gence® with the concept of presence and mental strength
are proven frame­works for positive conflict and successful communication!


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