(New) Career with 50plus
Your goal – your path – your success

Fresh impetus for a successful job change
- the right job, not just any job!

You are in the middle of your profes­sional life and in the process of a job change. Perhaps one of the follo­wing scena­rios applies to you: You are wonde­ring what the oppor­tu­ni­ties for 50plus are in the job market. You are exempt or laid off and are still hanging on to your previous company with very mixed feelings. You are wonde­ring where your poten­tial lies for your next career move. You want to take the chance now for a new phase in your profes­sional bio and are unsure how exempt and liberated you may think and plan in the context of your personal commit­ments. You are successful and yet unful­filled in your job and stuck in your current career. You are in a transi­tion process full of question marks about what is the right path strate­gi­cally and perso­nally right now. Maybe your experi­ence is a mix of all this and more!

The path to a successful job change starts with you – with your goals, with your exper­tise and experi­ence, with your successes and with your perso­na­lity! Your passion and your very indivi­dual usp, the added value you create are decisive. Where this meets the market is the key to success. In order to be effec­tive with all you have and to be at your best, one key compe­tency is funda­mental – your mental strength.  Much like an athlete in compe­ti­tion, it is crucial that you (can) act with clarity, calm and presence in the challen­ging context of a job transi­tion with all its uncer­tainty and also indivi­dual setbacks, or that you can quickly regain calmness and focus in any stressful situa­tion. This also means not being driven and deter­mined by frustra­tion, disap­point­ment or anger looking back into the past or by insecu­rity, self-doubt or nervous­ness looking ahead into the future.  Your mental strength and a positive basic attitude deter­mine your well-being and your perfor­mance and, quite decisi­vely, your impact on others!

Career Coaching für Ihren Erfolg!

  • Clarity and security for your profes­sional goal, develo­p­ment of your USP and profes­sio­na­lism in your appearance
  • Mental strength for dealing produc­tively with challenges and setbacks
  • Purpo­seful and target-oriented appli­ca­tion processes, sustainable networ­king and impactful interviews
  • Decision for the new job and successful onboarding

Indivi­dual – consis­tent – resonant

  • Career Coach and PQ Mental Fitness Coach
  • Long-term corpo­rate career as a manager
  • Broad industry experi­ence as trainer and coach, with a focus on automo­tive, mecha­nical and plant enginee­ring, medical techno­logy and IT
  • Own transi­tion experi­ence with 50plus into a new career, after 20 years in manage­ment starting self-employ­ment and building up my own business

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““Uta Nachbaur has always motivated me and given me the right advice. Although my search took longer than I had hoped, Uta Nachbaur never doubted me. This helped me to stick to my “dream position”. And it worked! Excel­lent support!”

(Execu­tive Research & Develo­p­ment, Automotive)

“Very profes­sional consul­ting! Uta Nachbaur supported my profes­sional reori­en­ta­tion in a targeted manner and with a lot of know-how and syste­ma­tics. Develo­ping and creating my short profile was very valuable – perso­nally as a motiva­tional boost and profes­sio­nally as a presen­ta­tion of my USP. A big praise to her; she moved me to my new future and made it possible to redis­cover my poten­tial and my perspectives..”

(Execu­tive Produc­tion, Mecha­nical Enginee­ring and Plant Construction)

“Training my mental fitness as part of the Career Coaching was great and absolutely amazing in its effect. Stimuli and reflec­tions in the minute range lead to constant and impres­sive effects! And the neuro­sci­en­tific basis is convin­cing. It has helped me massi­vely in my profes­sional reori­en­ta­tion and it is for me an asset for life – no matter what challenges come. It’s great how I can put a comple­tely diffe­rent focus on my day with these little PQ Rep tidbits: clear headed, laser-focused action.”

(Execu­tive Projects, Automotive)

“Very compe­tent consul­tant who was able to empathize with my situa­tion. She helped me deal with my experi­ence of separa­tion from my previous company and refocused me on the future. This was paramount to the success of my career reori­en­ta­tion. I always had a smile on my face after the coaching sessions. Consul­ta­tions were always infor­ma­tional and motiva­tional boosts at the same time! The commu­ni­ca­tion seminar and inter­view training were also very effec­tive and practical. The success in my job inter­views showed it!

(Execu­tive KAM, Telecommunication)

“The mix of goal coaching, support in creating profes­sional appli­ca­tion documents, inter­view training, and support in starting the new job was just perfect. Thank you!””

(Execu­tive Sales, IT)