2023 Special for Drama Resilience

Free of charge: Drama Resili­ence Assess­ment & 60-minute debrief
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Drama Resilience Assessment

How resilient are you to drama in challen­ging dialogues?

Can you use the energy in conflicts for good results instead of falling into drama behaviour, attacking others, rescuing others or belitt­ling yourself? What happens when situa­tions trigger you, which skills are then effec­tive and how easily can you activate them?

The Drama Resili­ence Assess­ment[1] shows you your drama risks and your resili­ence skills. And in the debrief with me you will learn first steps how to streng­then and train your resili­ence and how to become more impactful in communication.

The chall­enge in the business context is to create clarity and commit­ment while achie­ving and maintai­ning good contact at eye level. The aim is neither to sacri­fice a good connec­tion with others for the sake of commit­ment nor, conver­sely, to remain wishy-washy in order to save connec­tion and good contact.

This is needed in leader­ship, in perfor­mance and feedback conver­sa­tions, in meetings and also in negotia­tions and negative conflicts.

Drama resili­ence is key! Curious how strong your resili­ence is and what you can do?

Today I have a special offer for you to gain more resili­ence and impactful tools: Get the licensed Drama Resili­ence Assess­ment and a personal 60-minute debrief with me – in in English or in German. The first 10 who register get a free assess­ment and 60-minute debrief. Beyond the ten – all who register in 2023 will receive a special price! Register here and find out more:

Find out your drama resilience .

  • Gain more aware­ness around the roles you play in negative conflicts
  • Increase under­stan­ding of how negative drama roles work – perse­cutor, rescuer, victim
  • Learn tips for practi­cing positive conflict
  • Experi­ence a pragmatic and hands-on way to teach and share with your team.



Uta Nachbaur

[1] The Drama Resili­ence Assess­ment is a develo­p­ment and intellec­tual property of Next Element Consul­ting, LLC

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