Brain with Dumbbell

Mental Fitness – Top perfor­mance in the midst of challenge

Being mentally fit means facing challenges and crises in profes­sional and private life with calmness, clarity and focus and not with agita­tion, anxiety and stress.

Mental fitness can be trained just like physical fitness!

In the webinar you will experi­ence this through small practical exercises and learn more about:

  • what is Mental Fitness and how can it be trained
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    the PQ method, a three­fold “muscle training” according to Shirzad Chamine, psycho­lo­gist and lecturer in Positive Psycho­logy at Stanford University

  • how to recognize negative emotions and self-sabotage
  • how to get out of the stress spiral and activate positive thinking and acting
  • and what it takes to sustainably anchor mental fitness

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