For Job Shifters – how to get the right job rather than just any job!

Fresh impulses for a successful job change: a clear path, conscious decision-making and mental strength in challen­ging situations

Does any of the following scena­rios resonate with you?

Maybe you are over 50 and anxious about job chances for elder employees. Maybe you have many-fold finan­cial respon­si­bi­li­ties and a high need for security. Maybe you are disrupted, laid off or aged out of your present job, still clinging on to your past company with a mixed bag of emotions. Maybe you have been successful yet unful­filled and stuck in your present career. Maybe you are in the process of transi­tion and in a context full of question marks of what to do. And maybe you experi­ence is a mixture of all that and more.

The webinar is for you, If you want to gain…

  • … a clear path to deal with your unique and complex situa­tion of job transi­tion, some guidance where to start your process
  • … the power to take conscious decisions and clear lazer-focused action rather than holding back and acting driven
  • … tools to shift in the middle of challen­ging situa­tions from negative emotions like anxiety, frustra­tion, anger, stress to positive emotions like self-compas­sion, curio­sity, courage and even-keeledness

In this webinar you will learn about the power you have in this process and action steps to get there.

Who is your facili­tator – My name is Uta Nachbaur. I am Career Coach and accom­pany my clients through their indivi­dual process to consciously shape and create their next career step and win the job that fulfils them. I offer experi­ence from a long term corpo­rate career and bring broad industry exper­tise, mainly in the manufac­tu­ring industry, working as certi­fied coach and trainer for career, leadership and commu­ni­ca­tion. I also created and lived through a major and coura­geous career shift myself, stepping out of a safe corpo­rate manage­ment position building up my own business at the age of 50 plus.



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